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Spoil your dog with delicious treats for their special day!  
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Food is medicine! ""Good Things Utah" interviewed Ma & Paws Bakery to teach us how to help navigate the world of nutrition for our pets. They want to make and keep your “furkids” as healthy as possible during all stages of their lives. They invite everyone to come in for the treats, stay and return for the variety of options available.

They presented to us baked treats, pizza, raw food, freeze-dried items, dehydrated food, and many more delicious foods for the animals who give us so much love.

Ma and Paws Bakery was founded in 1998 by Diane Sanders. Her dog, Asta, had severe medical and dietary issues. Sanders wanted to offer better food options to the public and educate humans on how food can impact their animals. She opened the bakery to offer clean ingredient foods for pets. The fresh bakery items set Ma & Paws Bakery apart from all others back then and even now.

Megan Kilpatrick, now the owner of Ma and Paws Bakery, began working for Diane in 2009. When Sanders desired to retire, Kilpatrick purchased the business in 2014.

The bakery encourages the public to read the ingredients for what they are giving their pets. It may shock you. They pay attention to the industry and its changes. This allows them to offer some of the best foods, treats, and supplements available.

Ma and Paws Bakery is proud to offer products from local businesses such as Ross Taylor Bully Sticks, Love Your Pet Raw Food, Healthy Hemp Pet Company, Fidobiotics, Hippie Hens & Amber Naturalz.

One other unique trait about the bakery is all treats can be shared with humans! All their current handmade goodies have a GMO-free whole wheat flour base. They add savory or sweet ingredients such as ground beef, lamb, salmon, chicken breast/thighs, chicken livers, antibiotic-free, grass-fed, and sustainably sourced animal proteins, parmesan cheese, craisins, cottage cheese, etc. Everything included is human grade and organic when available.

They plan to expand custom offers into the world of cupcakes and cakes.

They would like to advise pet owners who want to get started feeding healthier foods to their pets to offer filtered water and add food sourced prebiotics/probiotics or supplements and digestive enzymes supplements.

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