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Comments From Our Wonderful Customers!

My sweet Ella is a 5 year old Sheltie.  She was turned in to the Shelter as a stray.  When I discovered her, she was sad and shut down.  She was skinny.  She was scared and shaky.  She was shy around people who wanted to pet her.  She would shake if she was invited on a car trip.


I fell in love with her despite these challenges and maybe because of them.  I invited her into my home and into my heart.  I was concerned about how to overcome these obstacles.  I wanted her to have a sweet and loving life.  She deserved that.

I went to Ma and Paws Bakery, my favorite pet place.  They suggested the “Thundershirt.” It’s a garment dogs wear designed to calm them.   After we put it on Ella, she began to relax.  When the door chimes rang, she remained calm.   She lets people pet her – that didn’t happen before.  Even her shakes as she travels in a car ride are better.


Now my sweet Ella sleeps with me and herds my cats – after all a Sheltie must have a job to perform!  She walks to the car calmly.  I am more confident taking her out to socialize with outings or car rides.


I appreciate Megan and Ma and Paws.  She had the perfect answer for Ella and me!  Everyone there is so caring and helpful.  I’ll always be grateful for their help and consideration.


Stacey C.

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